Homemade Basil Anchovy Sauce 自製香草醬 --- 羅勒鯷魚

My Homemade Basil Sauce is so easy to make and full of flavor!  

坊間的香草醬雖然好方便, 但瑪姬就覺得始終自行調製的無論健康度, 新鮮度和味道都更勝一籌, 加上特別喜愛氣味濃郁芳香的新鮮羅勒, 混合了蒜頭和鯷魚的咸香, 香氣撲鼻, 味道已經難以抵擋, 再加點檸檬汁中和了蒜頭帶來的刺激, 吃起來就更清新了。如果想不加鯷魚也沒問題, 只需灑些鹽花代替就可以了。做好的香草醬可以用作塗麵包, 餅乾或拌意粉吃, 非常方便。吃不完的可以放進密封容器內, 放雪櫃可放置4-5天。

Though the bottled pesto sauce is easily to get it at supermarket, the freshness, healthiness of homemade really makes a difference. I love Basil, the smell of basil is so fragrant and powerful!! I finally decided to try and turn it out! I used fresh basil, another favorite – anchovy, garlic and lemon juice. This recipe is really quick, simple and easy, yet so flavorful! It is definitely a great accompaniment with bread slices, biscuits or pasta! If you have any leftover, just put it into clean bottle and store in fridge, it can keep for 4-5days.

羅勒Basil         1cup
鯷魚Anchovy  5pcs
蒜頭(去皮) Peeled Garlic   3cloves
麵包糠Breadcrumbs           2 tsp
檸檬汁Fresh Lemon Juice  1tsp
黑胡椒Black Pepper            1/3tsp
橄欖油Olive oil                     50ml

做法 How to Make:
1.       除橄欖油, 將所有材料放入攪拌機打成醬, 再混和橄欖油拌勻即可。
Blend all ingredients except olive oil to fine paste, then add olive oil and mix well. Done.




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